The Morning Lowdown 03-23-11

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Credit: Corbis / Patricia Curi

»  AOL (NYSE: AOL) Folds 30 Brands, Including Politics Daily (Mixed Media)

»  The proposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger could have dire implications for broadcasters who depend on telecom advertising. (Media Decoder)

»  Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) and book publishers’ stupid attempts to curtail e-book lending (Slate)

»  New ranking combines print-digital reach of metro papers, reveals surprising winners (Poynter)

»  From Iger to Dauman to Murdoch, media mogul salaries swell in 2010 (The Wrap)

»  Could HBO be the Next Blockbuster? (NYSE: BBI) (Videonuze)

»  eXelate CEO Mark Zagorski discusses the company’s new strategy (AdExchanger)

»  In The Cards: Why Amazon *Has* To Make An Android Device Now (Techcrunch)

»  Emma Gilbey Keller, spouse of New York Times (NYSE: NYT) executive editor and 50th most important person in the world Bill Keller, loves to tweet. (NY Observer)

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