Windows Phone 7 Software Update Now Rolling Out

After promising and failing to deliver the initial functionality update to Microsoft Windows Phone 7 devices in the first half of March, Microsoft is reportedly beginning to push the software out as early as Wednesday. WinRumors says some handset owners are today receiving the update, which is codenamed “NoDo.” Microsoft stated last month that the new features include support for copy / paste functionality, improved search filters in the software Marketplace, and faster application launching.

My own handset has yet to receive the original over-the-air update that was meant to prepare my phone for this one. Additionally, I’ve connected the handset to the Microsoft Zune (s msft) software on my computer several times to check for updates, but none are found. Part of Microsoft’s reason for the initial software delays earlier this month may be keeping the update from my phone: There are many handsets and different carriers involved, so lengthy testing efforts are involved.

On its Windows Phone 7 update history site, Microsoft says the updated build includes additional features that weren’t specifically mentioned last month during CEO Steve Ballmer’s Mobile World Congress keynote address. The Wi-Fi Settings now show the device’s MAC address and can store additional Wi-Fi profiles. Hopefully, it can also connect to a closed or hidden network; a problem I found when trying to access one of my own home wireless networks. Also expected in the new build are some minor improvements to the Outlook mail application, MMS messages with a PIN-locked SIM and better uploading of photos to Facebook; something that hasn’t yet worked on my HD7 handset.