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The Mobile Lowdown 03-22-11: T-Mobile 4G; Android; Facebook Deals Prices

Our look at some of the big stories today in mobile: T-Mobile makes more 4G announcements; some numbers on what phone people plan to buy next; and the price of posting a Deal on Facebook

T-Mobile: A slew of CTIA announcements for T-Mobile, which is in the process of getting bought by AT&T (NYSE: T) for $39 billion if the regulators approve the deal.

The operator is doubling the speed of its ‘4G’ HSPA network, up to a theoretical download speed of 42 Mbps. First markets to get the new service will be Las Vegas, Nevada; Orlando, Florida; and New York, with the aim to cover 140 million Americans in 25 cities by the middle of this year.

As largely expected, T-Mobile also formally launched seven new 4G devices, including the G2x (the newest in the G-series of Android devices from Google); the new Android Sidekick; the G-Slate tablet from LG; (SEO: 066570) three new 4G laptop dongles; and a new 4G mobile hotspot from ZTE.

Android buying patterns: GetJar, the cross-platform app store operator, surveyed 2,500 consumers in February on their preferences and attitudes when it comes to mobile services. Given the messenger (an app store operator basing revenue largely on advertising), some of the results are not much of a surprise: app usage is on the rise; consumers are largely amenable to in-app advertising; and the quality of an app has a big impact on overall brand perception.

What’s more interesting, perhaps, is just how much interest Android devices are getting compared to a product like the iPhone. GetJar says that Android devices were named as the next device most likely to be purchased, by a factor of nearly two to one (40 percent compared to 18 percent). That also doesn’t leave much room for the other players, either. GetJar offers free apps for Android devices, but equally offers apps for a number of other platforms, including Apple’s iOS.

Facebook Deals: It’s not as pricey as an Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) iAd, but it’s not cheap, either.

Marketing reports that in the UK, brands have been asked to make minimum media spends of £50,000 ($82,000) to get on to the Facebook Deals platform.

The service launched in the UK at the end of January and lets users get offers on goods and services local to them and in real-time, when they use Facebook Places on their mobile handsets to check into relevant venues.

Apparently, listing on the service was free at launch and these new prices are only starting now, says the report.

Early retailers and brands to use the service included Yo! Sushi, Mazda, and the mobile operator O2.