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Want to Complain About AT&T and T-Mo? Here’s How

AT&T (s t) has said it plans to acquire T-Mobile in a deal worth $39 billion and already people are sounding the alarm about how this deal will reduce competition and negatively affect companies such as Sprint (s s) and Google (s goog). While AT&T has the experience and lobbying muscle to push a deal of this magnitude forward at both the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice, here’s how to make your individual voice heard.

According to an FCC spokeswoman, the agency has yet to open a docket on the proposed deal. However, any comments sent ahead of the opening of the docket to [email protected] will be held until the docket is opened and then added to the record. The Free Press recommends calling the FCC at 1-888-CALL-FCC (main FCC line) or 1-202-418-1000,  which is the FCC Chairman’s office line. Another route to the FCC is through the chairman’s email form located here.

The Department of Justice’s AntiTrust division can be reached via the follow phone number 1-202-307-2040 or at the [email protected] email. It offers a complete guide to filing a complaint on its web site. Members of Congress will also hold hearings on this deal, so writing your appropriate congressperson may also have an impact. To find your local representative, check here and for your Senator check here.

11 Responses to “Want to Complain About AT&T and T-Mo? Here’s How”

  1. Looks like you have some astro-turf commenters in here. Thanks, AT&T social media department.

    Personally, any telecom carrier is mediocre at best — until it manages to get a monopoly. In this case, AT&T will be the only GSM carrier in the US if it buys T-Mobile. Unlocking will be a thing of the past. That’s not a future I want to see.

  2. Patrick

    I am emailing the FCC Chairman asking for this to get approved also! Having LTE in west Texas will be a God send! Hope the big city, anti-corporation folks don’t ruin it for us. Rural America needs this!

    • There is no guarantee that there will be better more coverage. That does not improve the profit line. There is a guarantee of less competition (monopoly on GSM and SIM cards. Resulting in higher prices. We are already one of the highest paying countries in the world. Ma Bell is getting back together. Thread lightly!

  3. Thanks for posting this. Having just been mugged by T-Mobile (you can read the details here:, I can’t say I expect worse customer service from AT&T, but that certainly isn’t saying much. And I expect the more the industry consolidates, the worse the service will get. Oligopoly means *rarely* having to say you’re sorry; monopoly means *never* having to say you’re sorry.

  4. Stacey, is it kosher for those of us working here on long-term work visas (F1s, G4s, H1Bs, etc.) to also contact the FCC and DOJ? Or is this a US-citizens-and-residents-only type deal?

    • It is completely kosher for you to contact them; you are contributing to taxes and are also effected by the FCC and DOJ one way or another. So, by all means contact them. The more people that voice their complaint about this planned monopoly the better.

  5. Markus Reed

    I cant wait for the merger! I need better coverage at my house and I cant wait to have better data speeds and call quality on my cell phone! I just emailed the FCC Chairman hoping he pushes this through quickly! Thanks for the link!

    • Reduce competition to get better service? Neat trick!

      Why is it inconceivable that you could have better service without a merger? For instance, if you were able to take your phone and your business elsewhere?

  6. Thanks Stacey! It has been a very long time since I wrote to my representatives in congress, but this is too big of an issue to let pass without voicing some concerns.