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iPad 2 International Launch Still on Track, Says Apple

With stock shortages in the U.S. and potential supply chain woes following the earthquake in Japan, it was beginning to look like Apple’s (s aapl) first round of international releases for the iPad 2 was in danger of slipping. The March 25 date is still in effect, however, according to a number of Apple sources.

TechRadar received confirmation today that the U.K. launch date remains the 25th, via an Apple spokesperson who told the site that “[e]verything that is on the website still holds true; the website says 25 March and that’s when it’ll be.” March 25 is still listed as the official launch date on the U.K. website, as well as other international Apple sites that were announced as part of the second launch group, except for Japan, where Apple has delayed the launch following the earthquake and tsunami that recently devastated the country.

Other international launches also appear to be on track. An Apple Store employee told me that staff had been briefed and prepared for a March 25 launch here in Canada, too, with the only possible reason for delay cited as “unpredictable weather affecting shipment times,” indicating stock isn’t yet in stores, but is expected to be before Friday.

The Apple Store employee didn’t comment on whether or not the launch would be an afternoon one, as was the case in the U.S., where the iPad 2 went on sale at 5 p.m. local time, but they did expect lines to form. Apple has yet to announce plans for online sales at international Apple Stores, but it’s safe to assume that at this stage, there won’t be a pre-order ahead of Friday.

Who’s going to be hitting up their local Apple Store for the iPad 2’s international launch?

11 Responses to “iPad 2 International Launch Still on Track, Says Apple”

  1. After loosing half a day of work queing for an iPhone4 that was out of stock on the first day, I’m just going to order on line and wait for it to arrive. I have no interest in participating in the crowds waiting for days outside a store.
    Here in NZ we don’t have any apple stores anyway, just resellers.

  2. when it comes to business, apple doesn’t care if you are the local customers or international…they made the plan for the 1st shipment to the State, and they will have their 1st shipment to other countries due to the plan. Anything after the 1st shipment is another topic. Try not to get all the hype because of the international launch is still on the schedule. By the end of the day, we all have to wait for a very long period of time after the 1st shipment due to the earthquake in Japan.

  3. Apple had better make sure that they do a good job of meeting demand back home in the US on March 25th if there are no plans of delaying the international launch. There will be a lot of upset customers back home if folks in other countries are getting their hands on iPads while we, here in the states, are still not able to purchase one. This is a U.S. company and while Apple is great at creating hype due to sell-outs… the act is getting a bit old.

    • This is an utterly ridiculous comment.

      It was released early in the US – you missed your opportunity to grab one before it went out of stock. It’ll be released elsewhere on the 25th and no doubt there will be hundreds more customers missing out to a lack of stock too. The fact you’re in the US doesn’t grant you some sort of ultimate priority where the entire rest of the world waits behind you in a queue. You already get an earlier release and a cheaper product, get off your high horse… Man…and people wonder why there’s resentment towards the States…

    • Apple are like every other successful business, which is international. And what are those “upset” people going to do ? If they’d got in line on launch day, they’d already have one. Apple would lose much more by backing out of the launch in the handful of countries this week than they will do by meeting US demand.

    • ThereseOfOz

      Well….as its ok for our soldiers to die in your war I think I will feel ok picking up my IPAD2 on Friday, cheers ! #remember buffalo soldiers buddy, I mean maaaate.