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Retailers Are Finally Embracing Android, So How About Media Owners?

Are brands finally beginning to execute a mobile app plan that’s not simply an iPhone plan?

UK department store Debenhams has launched its shopping app on Android and Nokia Ovi Store, one of the biggest retailers to do so.

For the last year, every media outlet we’ve talked that has launched an iOS app has also effectively told us: “We’ll be on Android, too.” But few have actually done so and even the launch of Android tablets has failed to bring many out of the woodwork.

Debenhams’ iOS app, debuted in October, has been a hit – after clocking 360,000 downloads and 2.4 million uses, it’s contributed nearly £1 million in ecommerce sales, Debenhams says.

“Debenhams has extended its multi channel business to include mobile phone users with Android and Nokia (NYSE: NOK) phone,” the firm says in an announcement. So when will media owners do the same?

One Response to “Retailers Are Finally Embracing Android, So How About Media Owners?”

  1. Not all retailers – Tesco point blank refuse to even consider Android apps in discussions I had with them. This despite the fact that their own press release says they now sell more Android phones than iPhones and unofficial Tesco apps have hundreds of thousands of downloads on Android Market.

    It is interesting though that media hasn’t got on board Android in a major way. However, some have such as NY Times, London Evening Standard and BBC iPlayer (yet no BBC iplayer iPhone app).