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Green Overdrive: Inside Tesla’s Model S Alpha

For our latest episode of GigaOM TV’s Green Overdrive Show we take you behind the scenes of the Alpha program for Tesla’s next-generation all-electric car the Model S. Tesla has built 20 Alpha (prototype) Model S’s that it’s using to test out various features like safety, durability, electronics and steering capability. We get the skinny on some of the Model S design features and interview Tesla Model S Program Director Jerome Guillen, who has been driving the Model S Alphas to and from work.

At our Green:Net event on April 21 in San Francisco, we’ll be highlighting the connected and electric car, including execs from Tesla, Coda, GM, and Ford.

11 Responses to “Green Overdrive: Inside Tesla’s Model S Alpha”

  1. Excellent! Cant wait to get mine next year #3288. It will plug in nicely with the Solar Panels I installed last June. This Model S needs to be equipped with the J1772 charge point so it conforms with the all of the electric charge stations going in around Michigan. I be commuting over 500 miles per week, 214 round trip at $0.00 per/mile.

  2. Great video! I really think that the open-ness Tesla has with their Model S is actually inspired by GM’s development process with the Volt but they are taking it to the next level with journalists allowed to walk the floor at the alpha stage. Bold moves but the right moves for a company as dependent on investors as they are. I’d like the think I can afford a Model S but the only “sensible” thing out there so far in my mind is the leaf. Can’t wait to see Tesla’s cheaper models!

  3. Darrell Brown

    This is exciting to see the “Model S” entering this phase of production. As an Aerospace engineer, I would like to the commend the Tesla organization for keeping everyone so well informed. Well done.

  4. You are so lucky Katie. I would have loved to go there to look at what they are doing with the car. You sounded excited. I guess it made up for pumping waste oil some weeks ago.

    Is the height of the battery box literally the height of a 18650 cell + a few flat contacts? It looks like it from the pictures I have seen.

    Do you know if Jerome was driving a 300 mile battery car? Have Tesla finalised the cell chemistry they are using and does the Alpha car have the final cell in it? I assume it does. Wouldn’t be much of a Beta program without the final battery in it.