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LogMeIn Ignition For iPhone and iPad Now Includes File Manager

LogMeIn Ignition, a nifty remote control app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (s aapl) that we’ve written about previously, has received an update that includes a file manager that will allow users to view, save and transfer files between remote computers and their mobile device.

The new file manager tools means that in addition to being able to remotely control any connected computer using their iPhone or iPad over 3G or Wi-Fi, users can now:

  • View files and folders on one or more computers
  • Copy and move files or folders from remote computers directly onto the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch for local viewing
  • Save PC and Mac files directly on an iOS device for offline viewing
  • Create a local folder and filing system within Ignition on the iOS device
  • Open and edit files locally using file editing apps
  • Transfer files between remote computers
  • Update locally saved files in Ignition with updates from remote computers
  • Wake a sleeping computer using Wake-On-LAN

While you probably could have replicated many of these features previously using the old LogMeIn Ignition in tandem with one of the file sync services (like Dropbox or, having a file manager integrated into the remote control app itself is a much more elegant and streamlined way to do it.

Here’s a short video showing how the new file manager works:

LogMeIn Ignition is available from the iTunes App Store; it costs $29.99. Existing LogMeIn Ignition users can update the app to get the new features.