Vid Biz: Apple & Disney, HBO & Samsung, Al-Jazeera & CNN

Apple & Disney: A Relationship Too Close for Comfort? Apple and Disney are Hollywood’s best friends with benefits — and not everyone is happy about it. (The Wrap)

Cord Cutting May Be Overhyped. Internet users aren’t canceling their cable for online TV, according to Deloitte’s “State of the Media Democracy” study. (eMarketer)

Paramount Pictures Partner With BitTorrent Release Movie. The horror movie The Tunnel will make its debut online for free with BitTorrent. (TorrentFreak)

HBO Go and MTV Music Meter launch on Samsung TVs. This is a major get for Samsung, which has been working hard to attract developers and content to their app platform. (The New TV Republic)

Study: Americans Think Al-Jazeera English is Unbiased… When It Has a CNN Logo Placed on It. Study suggests Al-Jazeera English may not be able to use its “Egypt Moment” due to a largely biased public. (TVNewser)

Samsung to Include QWERTY Keyboard Remote with Smart TVs. It’s gonna look like the Boxee keyboard, but without all that pretty. (