New MacUpdate Bundle Includes Parallels, Civilization IV


The Mac App Store may offer some great deals on software for OS X, but the bundle is still where it’s at in terms of best value for your money. And there’s a new MacUpdate Bundle out today that offers a pretty amazing collection of apps for the price of one.

The new $49 bundle includes Parallels Desktop 6.0, which allows you to run a Windows installation in a virtual machine on your Mac without rebooting. It won’t be as powerful as if you opted to create a Boot Camp partition to house Windows, but it will run without a reboot, and in a window on your OS X desktop, allowing you to drag-and-drop files between operating systems and more. Parallels is normally $79 on its own.

MacUpdate is also offering Civilization IV as part of the deal. It’s the predecessor to Civ V, which is the most recent installment in the world-domination strategy game series, but it wears its age well. I lost huge chunks of my life to Civilization IV, but it was well worth it.

Other highlights from the pack include TechTool Pro 5, which Dave Greenbaum recently recommended as one of the essential hardware diagnostic and repair tools for Mac owners.TechTool Pro 5 normally retails for around $100. 1Password is also included, which is a great app for managing your various online accounts, logins, bonus point memberships, credit cards and more, and which also works with an iOS app for cross-platform syncing.

The MacUpdate Bundle also includes its own desktop app, which provides a nice third-party alternative to the Mac App Store when it comes to keeping your app collection organized and up-to-date. In total, there are 11 apps included in the bundle, so head on over to the deal site to check out the complete list. As always, the MacUpdate Bundle is a limited time offer, so you have two weeks to decide whether or not you’re into the deal.

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