AT&T Offering One Free Month of iPad 3G Service


AT&T (s t) is now offering a free 30-day trial of its 3G iPad (s aapl) data service. The offer is being circulated via email according to TUAW, and allows you to sign up for a free month of service with no additional commitment required. Clearly, it wants to provide every reason it can for potential subscribers to avert their gaze from competitor Verizon (s vz).

While the free trial comes with no minimum commitment period or additional service fees, if you plan on taking advantage of the offer you should note that you have to cancel prior to the end of the 30 day period or before using 2 GB of data in order to avoid being charged. Also note that the offer is only available over the phone at AT&T’s customer service line (1-888-237-5888) or by visiting an AT&T retail store. If you activate using the built-in interface in your iPad’s settings, you’ll be in for normal charges effective immediately, with no trial period.

Remember that the iPad 2 comes in two distinct flavors, a GSM model for AT&T and a CDMA-capable version for Verizon, so you can only take advantage of the offer if you have an AT&T iPad  2 or any 3G-capable original iPad. There’s probably a lot of 3G-capable second-hand iPads in the hands of new owners right about now, so this is a smart move by AT&T to win some of those users over. Any international iPad owners visiting the U.S. right now might want to see if they can take advantage of the offer, too. Free service is never a bad deal.

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