The Morning Lowdown 03-15-11


Credit: Corbis / Patricia Curi

»  Facebook Said to Hire Google Executive for M&A

»  Microsoft Adds Do-Not-Track Tool to IE

»  Rick Levine Says Tablet Marketplace Needs to Be More ‘Competitive’

»  Japanese Publishers Cancel, Delay Disaster Games Following Deadly Earthquake
»  I Promised – You Delivered – The Checks Are Cut

»  The Lost Weekend: Cable at Its Most Insufferable

»  A Month With The Daily — Is It Actually Worth Paying for?

»  Google’s Blogger Is About to Get an Overhaul

»  What Does The Atlantic Know About Its Own Aggregation?

»  Online readership and ad revenue overtake newspapers

»  John Montorio Joins HuffPo: Journalism vs Churnalism Battle Rages On

»  NYT Imminent Pay Launch, with Great Timing, Amid News Chaos

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