Some Apple Stores Opening Early Tomorrow for More iPad Sales


If you haven’t got an iPad 2 (s aapl) yet, but you want one, then check with your local Apple Store to see if they plan on opening early tomorrow in anticipation of a fresh new batch of shipments. New units are reportedly on their way to store shelves after stock ran dry over the weekend.

The report comes from disappointed customers who showed up at stores today only to be told to come back on Tuesday, when certain locations will open at 9 a.m. instead of the usual 10 a.m. start. Staff apparently also revealed that even if stores do have stock today, they won’t be selling new iPads until tomorrow. A call to the Walden Galleria Apple Store in Buffalo, N.Y. confirmed the early opening is indeed the case, although staff can’t guarantee iPads will definitely be in stock at any given location. If you’re unsure about your own local store, a call should let you know whether or not they’re planning to open early.

Luckily, I’ve already got mine so I won’t be getting up early, but I’m curious to see how much more early demand exists after what may have been a million-unit opening weekend. Anyone think we’ll see lines again tomorrow?


Planet Books

After calling around to the VA/DC/MD stores last night I got positive feedback from the Pentagon City Apple Store. The guy said that it would be a good idea for me to camp out before the store’s early opening at 9am. So I got up early, sat in traffic for an hour (23 miles) and was #9 in line as of 7:25am. By 8:55am there were at least 70 people in line. I think there was a longer line than possibly other stores due to the mall being part of the DC Metro. At 8:58 am the Apple Store manager came out into the hall to announce that though they had received a shipment there were NO iPad 2’s in it. I have been trying to no avail to hunt for the elusive iPad 2 32 GB White Wi-Fi since Saturday morning (I had plans on Friday night). I came home this morning and ordered the darn thing on-line along with the Red cover. Delivery date for the iPad 2 is April 25 and the delivery date for the cover is April 22. WTF! Well, I can now say I tried my damndest and it’s out of my hands.


I showed up at 9 AM this morning as per the suggestion of an Apple Store employee yesterday. There was already a line of about thirty people when I got there and encouraged, I asked the woman at the door to confirm what seemed obvious by the line: that they had received a shipment. She told me that they had– but that they had received only fifteen units.

Fifteen freaking units.

Profoundly disappointed, I began to walk toward the mall exit, then it occurred to me that I should get back in line- should some of the people in front of me find that the store didn’t have the iPads specced out as they wished.

It was THEN that I learned that the first fifteen in line received tickets to claim their iPads. All that received a ticket claimed theirs, so I went home with nothing.

I sat out the first generation iPad because I’m not made out of money. And during the last year my desire for this gadget has grown and grown and the anticipation of this release was considerable. I got my federal tax refund this week, so the timing seemed perfect…

I’m so disgusted that I think I may sit out this generation iPad…

Phil Schiller, are you listening? I thought that this was your specialty?

iPad Locator

If you want to find out about local iPad availability, check out our twitter feed at @iPadLocator. We’ll be calling stores and re-tweeting any information we get from others, so please tweet any info you gather from phone calls and use the hashtag #iPadLocator, so we can re-tweet it and others can benefit from it.

Fiona marshall

I just got back from my closest local store ( I live about 15 miles from apple headquarters and there are 3 stores in that distance) and they did get some in and sell out today in 30 min. The line started building at 6am and the store opened at 10am. That store is opening early tomorrow but I am beginning to think ordering online maybe the fastest way to get one.

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