iPad 2 Sold Out After Opening Weekend

Moer perspective on how long the line is at the Mall of America. Photo by Andy Flocchini.

UPDATED. In case anyone doubted the iPad’s potential to be on ongoing success, the iPad 2 released Friday appears to be sold out across the U.S., according to Piper Jaffray (via Fortune). A team headed by analyst Gene Munster performed stock checks at various retail locations and found no available iPad devices. The report was confirmed separately by Deutsche Bank analysts early Monday.

It’s no surprise that Apple’s initial iPad 2 shipment sold out so quickly, given how long the lines were on launch day. We had first-hand accounts of the long lines in various U.S. cities on Friday, and I’ve since heard that lines appeared to be at least a thousand strong in at least a few locations. Also, online shipping times quickly slipped to three to five weeks within hours of the iPad 2’s availability.

Munster estimates between 400,000 and 500,000 iPad 2s were sold over the weekend, which would beat the original iPad’s launch weekend sales of 300,000. It’s good news for Apple, but maybe the best news for the company is that around 70 percent of iPad 2 buyers were new to the platform, according to a survey taken by Piper Jaffray. If accurate, that means the iPad 2 is winning over customers who were previously on the fence or uninterested in the tablet market, which could be very good news for the iPad’s growth potential in 2011.

UPDATE: New analyst estimates coming in from Wedbush Securities and Global Equities Research put the number of iPads sold during the launch weekend at closer to around 1 million devices, according to Reuter’s.

International buyers will want to take note of this rapid sell-out, since it could mean you’re in for a longer wait to get your hands on the iPad 2. Last year, Apple had to delay the international release of the original iPad after launch sales exceeded its expectations, making for tight supply.

Were you among the lucky half million who did manage to get their hands on an iPad? Share your purchasing experience and early impressions in the comments.

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