What to Expect From iPhone 5 — and When


Take heart, Apple watchers. The iPad 2 is no longer a mystery, but the iPhone 5 is still veiled in secrecy, and the rumor mill surrounding Apple’s (s aapl) smartphone is speeding up in anticipation of a not-so-distant June unveiling. Here’s an early picture of what to expect:

Dual Core Is Coming

The iPad 2 got a processor upgrade with the introduction of Apple’s dual-core A5 system-on-a-chip. If you think the iPhone will lag in this regard, you’re sorely mistaken. I’d say the inclusion of the A5 processor is just about the only guarantee when it comes to the iPhone 5. It won’t be the world’s first dual-core smartphone, but it will be the best. Recently, developers found evidence that the next iPhone will have the A5 chip in iOS 4.3 firmware code. Apple doesn’t talk about onboard RAM with its devices, but the iPhone 4 had 512 MB, and the original iPad had 256 MB. The iPad 2 got a memory bump to 512 MB so it’s very possible that the iPhone 5 could have 1 GB.

More Space, Please

Another big rumor is storage space, thanks to the discovery of Chinese engineering samples of the iPhone 4 with 64 GB of onboard flash memory. The samples show Apple was at least considering a higher capacity iPhone last year, and hardware limitations weren’t the reason it ended up going with a maximum of 32 GB internal storage. The iPad and iPod touch already offer this much space, and it’s high time the iPhone fell in line. I’d say this is another pretty safe bet for iPhone 5. I know I’d jump at the chance to grab a higher-capacity iPhone, since I live dangerously close to the edge of my current 32 GB.

Big Screen, Same Body

Kevin and I debated whether or not the iPhone 5 would have a larger screen, and I took the position that it would not. A new rumor suggests I might be wrong. A Chinese site is claiming to have received leaked engineering specifications that show a much larger screen for iPhone 5. I was at least partially right in my debate with Kevin, though, since it looks like if Apple increases the screen size, it won’t translate into a larger phone. According to the reports, the overall body design will remain the same, with a nearly edge-to-edge screen boosting display size while keeping the physical footprint the same. This one isn’t a lock by any means, but if Apple can fit a larger screen on the existing body design without sacrificing screen quality or complicating the development process by adding yet another resolution, I think it’ll go for it.

White Sale

There will be a white version of the iPhone, according to Apple and Phil Schiller, who recently tweeted a confirmation to an eager Apple fan. Apple appears to have gotten around any manufacturing issues with white-painted glass, since it released a white-bezelled iPad 2. The only question is whether or not we’ll see a white iPhone before the launch of the iPhone 5, or whether Apple will wait to make it yet another amazing new thing it can reveal on stage at the WWDC keynote.


Maybe the biggest unknown surrounding the next iPhone is whether or not we’ll see a true dual-mode device, instead of separate iPhone 5 models for both Verizon (s vz) and AT&T (s t) networks, like what’s happened with the iPhone 4. A teardown revealed that the cellular network chip used in the Verizon iPhone is indeed capable of dual-mode communications, so Apple could use it in both versions when the iPhone gets refreshed. But the iPad 2 released last weekend offers two distinct models — one for AT&T and one for Verizon — and isn’t a dual-mode device, indicating Apple might do the same with the iPhone 5. Teardowns of the iPad 2 seem to indicate that very different chips are used for each carrier, so a true dual-mode iPhone may be little more than a pipe dream at this point.


A rumor circulating Monday suggests Apple won’t be including NFC technology in the iPhone 5, according to sources at major U.K. mobile operators. I’m inclined to believe this rumor for a couple of reasons. First, the rumor spread very quickly and seems to come from multiple sources, and it strikes me as quite likely that Apple encouraged the leak in order to adjust customer and investor expectations well ahead of the new iPhone’s release. Second, Apple has never been an early adopter of wireless communication technology, and I think NFC falls within that realm. iPhone 6 will get it, once it’s been around for a while and customers have had a chance to grow comfortable with it.

June Launch

Apple historically announces new iPhone models at WWDC, which this year looks like it should fall around June. 5 – 9. The iPhone 4 was announced on June 7 last year, and released to the public on June 24. Expect Apple to at least match that timeframe, if not speed it up. The iPad 2 got a public release only a little over a week after it was announced at a special Apple event, so the company could be shortening the wait period between product announcement and public availability in general.

With the iPad 2 launch behind us, expect the iPhone 5 rumor machine to really kick into high gear in the coming months. What do you expect to see from Apple’s next-gen smartphone?



Good: faster processor, flash, java, 8mp camera, 1080 video, more storage space
Bad: battery consumption, no 4G, limited to the network, no GPS antenna (satellite GPS), there will be another I-phone with three new features next year to keep you buying new phones (after all, they are a hardware company, but you will have to pay full price next time), will still have little to no customization, and you will be paying more for your service than Sprint and T-mobile.

I had the I-phone and I switched to Sprint with the HTC Evo. This phone has so much more customization and yet it came out almost a year ago with features that will be released with this I-phone (2 versions later). I don’t have anything against the I-phone, and I’m sure simpletons enjoy it (my grandma has one lol). I love the Android OS. The don’t block you from doing what you want to do. I can tether for free and make my phone a mobile hotspot. The I-phone feels like a v-tech kiddy laptop with 4 buttons compared to the Evo. Also, 4G is amazingly fast, and the I5 will be a SHAME if it doesn’t support it. A youtube video plays in high quality the second you click on it (no buffering) and I can upload a 50mb HD video from my phone in under a minute. I was on my mom’s I-phone 4 (yes, I pray for her soul) the other day to connect her to our WiFi and I didn’t miss ANYTHING about it! I couldn’t WAIT to put the phone down! The screen isn’t even that impressive anymore. Bottom line, try not to be strung along by a company like Apple. They are out to sell hardware, not looking to give the consumer a well rounded and capable device. Like a stranger trying to lure a child with candy, keep buying their product

Chuck C

For one. I’m glad I skipped the Iphone 4 and will probably do the same with the newest one coming soon (reportedly)…I’ll wait until it’s time to renew and it’ll seem like an even better upgrade.

I wish they would actually make the Iphone thinner. If my Ipod touch where phone capable (without wifi) I’d have my perfect phone.


in addition to all iPhone5 will have an 8 megapixel camera that can also do 1080p videos at 30 frames and possibly dual-LED flash for better lighting in dark conditions and would be thinner close to present gen. iPod touch

end of tenancy cleaning

Iphone 5. Would be another wonder from Apple? Would be selling like hot cakes? Would it be the most desired phone again?
Without any doubts i would say YES. . . :)
Iphone 4 is a gr8 seller and i do say to lot my friend “Those who can’t have iphone are the only one who don’t like it”
Put an Iphone next to any other phone for a same price and everyone will be wanting to get iphone. Now what i really look into iphone is its new design. There was not much difference in Iphone 3 – Iphone 4, they should reduce the lenght of the phone to make it more smaller.

Taylor W.

I think I just may switch over from Android. I honestly never thought I would say that.


I even learnt that they are going to Support Java.

So it comes with a JRE installed and we can run some java apps there.

Will be interesting.

Tks, Nag


Yes, yes you do! I have a Galaxy S and I can’t wait to upgrade. As another poster said, there are pros and cons to Android vs. iOS, but I miss my iPhone, even though I wasn’t pleased with the 4 I had. The iPhone was faster, had a better camera with flash, had the forward facing camera for video chat, had no issues with the battery or charger like mine did, and was more comfortable for me to hold in hand. Also, I can’t find an FM transmitter that will also charge my phone. I loved that about the iPhone. I miss my tunes in the car. Yeah, I’ll be going back post haste!


“Big Screen, Same Body”? Hopefully not, but rather Same Screen, Smaller and Thinner Body. I’d like iPhone 5 to have an edge-to-edge screen, to lose the home button and to be smaller on top. As an app developer, I would hate Apple to add another resolution. Plus, the current screen is good enough in size. Why bigger? Finally, a lighter, more compact and portable iPhone is welcome for me.

eBook Reader

It’s amazing how the iPhone keeps getting better and better while everyone else tries to catch up. Hopefully the iPhone 5 meshes everything with AT&T and Verizon without a hitch.


Um…what? I own both and have to say my latest android phone feels light years ahead of my iphone4. Both are great, but I feel I can do a lot more with android. I would say Android has more than “caught up”. I’d say they’re screaming past Apple right now. Just an observation from one who owns both.


I have to disagree with you- sort of. I have used both iphone 4 and android phones, and YES, the android CAN do some things the iphone 4 can’t, and the iphone 4 can do some things what the android cant.
Firstly, quality. I could say that if I had a choice, between a android and a iphone 4, i would choose the iphone. Why? Because it just FEELS amazing!
Secondly, apps: This is a no brainer. THe app store is FULL of apps, thousands and billions of apps, while the android store (which has quite a few apps), cant get close to apple.
And yes, the iphone 4 has problems, like the antenna, but not in all of them. A friend of mine had one, and it worked like a breeze, full signal and everything.
And finally, that GORGEOS retina display. Come on, you HAVE to admit that the retina display is the best part. Its the only reason i aint buying the ipad 2, cuz I was expecting a retina display…

Anyway, after so much writing, I am finally finished.


I like the idea of the bigger screen especially after playing with the ipad at the apple store. The ipad i think is too big to carry around comfortably. I’m waiting for V5 to leave at&t.. worst reception ever. Not sure how verizon will be but cannot possibly be worse than at&t’s reception, at&t cannot cover NYC properly for some reason. I’ll get hit with the ETF for breaking my contract but atleast I’ll hopefully have less dropped calls. Also love the idea of a 64GB version.

Basit Shah

Not going to have NFC, it might have white iPhone, might be announced this summer. Today’s tweet by Apple’s Phiser suggested that theyw ill be releasing white iPhone this spring, didn’t mention wheher its 4 or 5 or both.


Make the back unibody aluminium like the ipad 2. Fix notifications. Sell unlocked unsubsidised. World warranty please.


I really hope they don’t extend the screen to the edges of the phone. I already have trouble with my fingers going over the side and clicking apps.. this will make it nearly impossibly to do that considering that the phone will probably be even skinnier which will give you barely anything to hold on to.

I’ve got an idea. How about you make it thicker and include more battery.


You’re holding it wrong! :p Sorry, had to do it….lol Apple won’t make it thicker though. You can forget that dream

Vivek Parmar

Just waiting when iPhone5 will be released and i’m the first one to order that. waiting eagerly wish it would release soon


Holy geez ive never read a more brainwashed post on the internet (believe it!). We know absolutely nothing definite about the iPhone 5 yet you’re dying to buy one. I’m starting to realize just how deep apple has sunk its hook into the less mentally capable of this world.


You know we could automate this though

Try this:
“Just waiting when the new will be released and i’m the first one to order that. I just wish it would be out before .”

Heck with the the twitter API, a feed form apple insider and some bad perl/python we could hashtag pollute the WORLD!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHahhaahha

*cough* *cough*
What were we talking about ?


Do you really think the iPhone (or any product form Apple) will be a flop? They have a consistent track record of delivering products that work and that people love (not so with Microsoft, think “Vista”). He wants it for a reason, and it’s not because he’s “less mentally capable.”

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