iPhone App Alert: Saving Energy With JouleBug

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As Stacey on GigaOM put it this weekend, the South by Southwest event in Austin, Texas is totally apptastic this year. And here’s an app that launched at the show on Monday morning intended to help users save energy and live more sustainably: JouleBug.

As you can see from the screenshots, it’s a pretty simple concept and design, and players earn badges by making more eco-friendly life choices, like using CFLs instead of incandescent lights, biking instead of driving a car and drinking water from the tap instead of from bottled water. The idea is to play and compete against your friends to see who can get more badges.

OK, so it’s probably not going to save the world — and isn’t “fun” in the way that Call of Duty: Black Ops is — but it’s a cute idea and has good intentions. Download it on your iPhone (s AAPL) and let me know what you think.

Images courtesy of JouleBug.

1 Comment

Guillermo Acilu

The best idea to take care of the environment is to find ways to teach people how to do it.
This is the best thing about this app and many others that try to show people how to be more efficient without losing a bit of life quality.
We have also made an app with this goal. Our app is called iEV. It is an electric car simulator. It is able to simulate an electric car battery behavior while people drives a normal car. The idea is to show that most people will never have range problems with their electric cars.

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