Hybrid NoSQL Startup Couchbase Releases Namesake Product


Couchbase, the company formed by the merger of Membase and CouchOne last month, has released the first version of its Couchbase Server database, as well as a board of advisors that reads like a who’s who of web infrastructure and big data. Couchbase Server is based on the Apache CouchDB document database project, and serves as the foundation of the Couchbase portfolio, providing a robust set of features not always associated with NoSQL databases. The company’s board of advisors, many of whom were on Membase’s board, too, includes renowned investor Frank Artale, Cloudera CEO Mike Olson, Facebook engineering director Robert Johnson, Zynga CTO Cadir Lee, and web standards and Apache Software Foundation pioneer Roy Fielding.

I wrote recently that the community of NoSQL projects is still fairly tight-knit and inclusive, but a surge in startup companies commercializing the various projects is increasing the level of competition among the community. Couchbase is a prime example of this trend: Its product family includes Couchbase Server, Membase Server and Mobile Couchbase, and the company positions itself as a one-stop shop for organizations’ NoSQL needs. Other companies in the NoSQL space include 10gen, Cloudant, DataStax, Basho, MarkLogic and Objectivity.

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