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Survey: Mobile News Readers Show Some Willingness To Pay

Some positive news for newspapers hoping to build digital subscription streams: A national phone survey shows that 30 percent of mobile news consumers would be willing to pay $5 a month to access their local newspaper online or on their phones — if that was the only way to access the content. By contrast, only 17 percent of adults overall were willing to pay a monthly fee in the same situation.

The discrepancy may be because mobile users are already accustomed to paying for content in the form of mobile apps, and, indeed, the survey showed that an even higher percentage of mobile users who identified themselves as being users of local apps — 38 percent — would be willing to pay.

The results (click to enlarge):


The findings were included in the Pew Center’s State of the News Media report. Many commenters are jumping on another finding in the annual study: That, for the first time, more Americans say they get their news from the web than from newspapers. Television remains in first place, but its lead is shrinking.

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