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The iPad 2 Launch Day in Pictures and Video

The iPad 2 (s aapl) launch day is upon us, and as predicted, there are lines at Apple Store locations across the country. We’ve got staff at a few different locations who’ll be keeping us updated with pics and video, which we’ll post here for you to see. Check back regularly for new content and comments from the scene.

The first customer at the Leawood, KS store gets his iPads! From Dave Greenbaum:

The Apple Store opens in Leawood, KS, and Dave Greenbaum is there to catch the action:

3:20 — More new pictures in the gallery. A few new videos still to come.

2:44 — New photos in the gallery, including shots of Geoffrey Goetz getting his hands on an actual iPad 2!

Charles Jade shot this video of an Apple Store employee in NC telling people how to buy their iPads, and of the long line wrapping around the building:

2:18 — Updated with a bunch more photos, including some from San Francisco and one of the store opening in Durham, NC. Videos of store opening coming soon!

1:45 — Added a few new photos from Leawood, KS and Durham, NC to the image gallery below.

Another Mall of America customer looking forward to getting his hands on the iPad 2:

1:07 — Just added a bunch of new photos, including one of Apple setting up the new iPad 2 window display. Scroll down to the gallery to check them out.

The first two guys in line at the Leawood, KS store talk to Dave Greenbaum about the experience:

An interview sent in by Andy Flochinni with an early line-goer at the Mall of America:

Ryan Kim provides a longer look at the situation outside the NYC 5th Avenue Store:

Here’s a new video from Ryan Kim filmed at the NYC 5th Avenue Apple Store:

Writer Dave Greenbaum stopped by AT&T before heading to check out the line at the Leawood, KS Apple Store:

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