Rackspace Blends Cloud and iPad 2, but Mobile Apps Nothing New

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Mobile apps for managing cloud computing resources are nothing new, but Rackspace (s rax) is bringing the capability to even the latest and greatest Apple (s appl) devices, including the iPad 2. The company today announced version 2.0 of its Rackspace Cloud application, which is free to download and can run on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. According to the official announcement, “[t]he new application includes Chef integration helping automate many processes and saving system administrators hours of time and is one of the first to run on Apple’s iOS 4.3, connecting audio and video on Cloud Files from the application directly to Apple TV.”

A number of other cloud computing providers also offer free mobile apps for managing cloud resources on their Apple devices, including GoGrid, VoxCLOUD, Linode and Jungle Disk. Third-party developers have created cloud management for Amazon Web Services (s amzn), Heroku, OpSource and Google App Engine (s goog).  The web interface for managing most cloud platforms makes mobile apps just a luxury in some instances, but it’s a luxury that that should find its way to even more cloud offerings as iPads and other tablets continue to become popular as business devices. There are a number of cloud management apps for Android devices, as well.

Feature image courtesy of Flickr user Jon Mountjoy.

1 Comment

Mike Mayo

Disclaimer: I’m the author of this app.

It’s fun for me to watch mobile apps for managing infrastructure become more common, since I made the very first one (Slicehost for iPhone) back in 2008.

These mobile apps are indeed a luxury, but a pretty valuable one since it makes it so easy to manage your infrastructure on the go. Using a phone’s web browser works, but in most cases it’s a painful experience. It’s always slower, which is a serious problem when you’re a sysadmin trying to quickly fix a problem and you only have 1 bar of EDGE service.

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