iPad 2 Now On Sale in Retail Stores


The iPad 2 is now available for purchase at your local Apple, Verizon, AT&T, Best Buy, Walmart and Target stores if you live on the east coast. It won’t be long before it goes on sale in the other U.S. time zones, too.

So far, it looks like Apple Stores have been the busiest retailer offering the iPad 2, with long lines numbering in the hundreds that began forming as early as yesterday and continued to grow throughout the day. Reports from third-party retailers were mixed, with some reporting plenty of stock and short lines at Best Buy, and others reporting low or no stock at AT&T and other locations. Our own Kevin Tofel scored one of the last iPads from his local Best Buy store.

How have you found the lines? Anyone turned away because of stock sellout or low stock to begin with?


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