DoubleBounce Aims To Take TV Producers Online

There’s plenty of digital platforms seeking content for connected devices and there’s plenty of viable content ideas from TV production companies that have yet to find a buyer. DoubleBounce Media, a new venture launching later this month, seeks to bring these two factions together.

DoubleBounce partners with production companies to sell to digital content distributors and sponsors either developed serial concepts that haven’t sold or existing programming out of its licensed window.

Launched by Matt Farber, who founded MTV Networks’ gay-themed cable channel Logo, DoubleBounce has already signed up at least 20 firms that have premium unscripted TV to their credits including Banyan Productions (Trading Spaces), Original Media (The Rachel Zoe Project) and 44 Blue (Deadliest Warrior).

Farber described the programming as being mostly “utilitainment,” or lifestyle-oriented fare that can play to niche audiences. He’s optioned rights to over 100 programs available via searchable database.

What could give DoubleBounce an edge is that the programming being offered has been developed beyond just a verbal pitch; there’s often video samples and talent attached. But the development is not so far along that a sponsor couldn’t tailor it to fit their branded-entertainment needs, or edit it down to short-form episodes and layer it with social media.

As many cable channels mature to the point where their audience levels are on par with broadcasters, they pass on their niche-audience targeting to online brands that are looking for the kinds of programming that once worked on cable. It’s a sign of the times in media that Farber knows well; he has a background in cable having held down senior positions at MTV Networks (NYSE: VIA) and Fuse. He also runs a consultancy Wilderness Media & Entertainment.

As for the name, DoubleBounce is an apt description for giving a second shot to shows in another medium.