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Green Overdrive: Safer, Greener Driving With GreenRoad!

Safer driving isn’t only better for your car and your personal well being, it can also lead to more fuel efficient driving, which means a lower fuel bill and less carbon emissions. GreenRoad has developed a technology that it sells to companies that enables corporate fleet drivers to become safer and greener drivers. The tech includes an embedded computer in the car, a GPS and cellular connection and a website to remotely check on driving progress. The company is also backed by Al Gore and Richard Branson’s funds.

To learn more about the intersection between EVs and mobile come to our Green:Net 2011 event on April 21 in San Francisco.

One Response to “Green Overdrive: Safer, Greener Driving With GreenRoad!”

  1. Hm. Yeah if you monitor everything your employees do and fine them or give them negative feedback when they transgress you can bend them to your will. It doesn’t seem like an amazing innovation though to me. Basically it’s a device to make people go slower and when they do they save fuel and get in less accidents. I’m sure they could come up with a way to achieve the same thing without the Big Brother overtones. People rushing in a company vehicle are likely doing so because of a perceived pressure from their employer to do the job quickly. They are probably having their output monitored by another device from another company and that is forcing them to go quickly. So this new device has now managed to counteract the negative consequences of the go quicker for greater efficiency device. We are going to need a third device though once the Greenroad device is installed to get back the lost time from going slowly. HM. ;-) The easiest fix I would have thought would be to buy slower less powerful cars or speed limit them. …Alternatively you can change the culture of your business and trust your employees to do their jobs based on simple sets of incentives.