LinkedIn Expands Into Social News

LinkedIn is moving into social news, with a new site called LinkedIn Today that aggregates stories that people in a specific industry are sharing on Twitter or LinkedIn. For instance, when I visit the site, I see a set of headlines related to online media because that’s the industry I have indicated I work in on LinkedIn. Users can personalize the content on the page by selecting industries they are interested in, as well as by “following” favorite news sources.

Because the content is featured based on its popularity, LinkedIn Today doesn’t always show what is important. For instance, the online media page is currently headed up by a Mashable story on Starbucks (NSDQ: SBUX) awarding Foursquare check-ins, while a story from Business Insider on AOL (NYSE: AOL) layoffs is further down the page. However, LinkedIn says it hopes the product will help users discover “the top headlines you need to read to be better informed today.” Presumably, the company also hopes it will get its users to visit the social network more often.

For now, LinkedIn Today is accessible on a separate page, as well as on the company’s iPhone app, but the company will be integrating it with the rest of the social network soon, saying that in the “next few weeks we’ll be ramping up entry points on the homepage and in the navigation.”

Here’s a video describing how it works: