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Charlie Sheen’s Korner Already Raking In the Dough

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Think what you will about Charlie Sheen, but it looks like his new media reinvention is actually starting to rake in some big dough: A spokesperson for confirmed today that Sheen is making “six figures” with his sponsored tweets, and new numbers from Ustream show that his live video appearances continue to attract substantial audiences.

Sheen tweeted on Monday that he is looking for a “winning intern with #Tigerblood.” The tweet was an ad for, and to date, it generated more than 423,000 click-throughs. clocked 95,333 clicks in the first hour, and today said that it has received 74,040 applications for the position.

The results of Charlie Sheen's first sponsored tweet. Image courtesy of has been running sponsored tweets with a number of celebrities, including 50 Cent, Snoop Dog and Kim Kardashian. The company usually doesn’t reveal how much it pays per tweet, but Sheen published a strategy phone call on Ustream on Monday that reveals he is getting “six figures” for the endorsement. An spokesperson told GigaOM today that this information “is accurate.”

Meanwhile, Sheen is continuing to publish live and archived videos on Ustream without much of a schedule. On Tuesday night, he went on the live streaming site to diss many of his former Hollywood business partners. The appearance featured Sheen by himself, talking straight into the camera, a departure from the talk show format he used for his Ustream debut this weekend.

Sheen’s team had originally announced that he would be back for another live episode on Saturday. He was still able to gather a significant audience, despite the change in schedule. A Ustream spokesperson told us that yesterday’s broadcast clocked 260,176 live views during the eight-minute segment. The total viewcount of the clip, including archived views, reached 839,000 by noon today. Part of that success may have to do with the fact that Ustream featured an ad for Sheen’s stream on the homepage yesterday. Ustream’s spokesperson didn’t want to reveal whether or not Sheen paid for the ad.

It’s still unclear what exactly Sheen’s plans are for the show, which is run as a joint venture between the actor and Wytv, a live streaming production company that was co-founded by the former AOL (s aol) CEO Barry Schuler and Hollywood producer Brad Wyman. Schuler wrote this weekend in a blog post that Wytv will be the next HBO (s twx), thanks to Sheen.

However, the actor himself has been sending mixed messages about the collaboration. Earlier this week, he bashed Wytv’s show format ideas, and on last night’s show, he said: “Sheen’s Korner is now for sale as a sports bar.” Whatever that means, it’s likely to bring in more money for Sheen.

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8 Responses to “Charlie Sheen’s Korner Already Raking In the Dough”

  1. I don’t understand the volcanic need for everyone to judge Mr. Sheen..Look within yourself! If you’re perfect so you think…Good for you…But it is pretty obvious sober or messed up, the Guy is more talented than most. Stay tough Charlie…It looks to me…you know exactly what you’re doing.

  2. @Sadie7: Thank you for the information. I did not know
    this about Charlie before. So it seems to go farther back
    than age 19.

    “He was born the way he is, just like everybody else.”

    This is starting to be a nature/nurture debate.
    Trying to say he is just born that way seems to preclude
    any ability to learn or the affects of external events and
    external forces acting upon a person. It is too complex of
    siutation to try to sum up in a few posts.

    Thanks for the information.

  3. @Monka Charlie started drinking and taking drugs at age 11, and hired a call girl at age 15. He was born the way he is, just like everybody else.

    He’s incredibly successful,sober and regardless of the outcome of his lawsuit, will stand to make as much money as always thanks to residuals from re-runs.

  4. Looking at Charlie’s life from the outside, it seems
    it may have all begun when he had a child when he was
    19 with his then girlfriend. That year (1984) he had his
    first big film debut in Red Dawn as well. Having a child
    that young (which I am sure was not planned) suddenly
    thrust him into the role of a parent when he was not really
    yet grown up himself.

    Having fatherhood and the start of his stardom begin in the
    same year must have been difficult to balance. If he did not
    have a child, I am sure he would have lived through his wild
    days and then calmed down by now. Being thrust into the
    responsibilty of an adult before he was 20 probably led to
    his heavy drinking and other things when he was young. This
    led to him being put into AA in his early 20’s, probably when
    he was 23 since he said recently he was in AA for 22 years.

    His father is also a strong personality and I am sure had a
    hand in both trying to get Charlie to be a good father and
    also enroll in AA.

    So from early on Charlie had three things forcing themselves
    on him. Fatherhood, AA and his Father. Nothing against his
    Father. I am sure he was trying to do the best thing for
    Charlie and the situation.

    The need to become your own person is very powerful, and I
    think these influences made him feel in a straight jacket
    of how he had to act and he never felt like he was really
    allowed to be himself.

    There are many paths to finding yourself. It is important
    to be able to find your own path. I think the above three
    influences probably kept him from feeling he could become
    the person he wanted.

    Over the years he developed a reputation as a womanizer and
    party person. This became what he was known for and became
    his identity because it was his. It was something he did himself.
    It was not forced on him by a situation, an agenda by an organization,
    or an agenda of another person. It was his. It was his creation.
    The need to be your own person is very powerful, and it may lead
    down very crooked paths just to feel you are your own person.

    Charlie had developed this reputation and the show 2 1/2 Men made
    it into a characarture of himself. This lifestyle provided him
    with a sense of his own identity, and eventually also became a
    big paycheck for him. So in the end I think he thought so this
    is what people want and expect of him so he was going to do it
    to the extreme.

    This is a very big oversimplification of a life, especially for
    someone I do not know personally. It just seems a tragic tale which
    is even worse because it is carried out in public where things
    are blown completely out of proportion and only add to the misery.

    What I think Charlie probably needs is time to reset himself. He needs
    a timeout to assess where he has been and where he is going. A
    break from public life is necessary. I think a break from private
    relationships may also be good so he can look at his situation
    objectively without others throwing in their agendas and confusing
    the situtation. If he could go somewhere where there are positive
    non judgmental people who will just more or less listen for awhile
    and let him work through these things, I think he will be a much
    happier stable person.