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Opera: ‘Having An App Store Is More Important Than Being On GetJar’

A response from Opera, which today got ejected from the GetJar app store for launching its own app store via its browser: Opera is “still in dialog” with GetJar and are “working to find solutions.” But asked about the main priority for Opera at the moment, “Having an app store is more important to us right now than being on GetJar.”

The comments come from Tor Odland, a spokesman for the company, who talked to mocoNews earlier today. GetJar’s CMO Patrick Mork said that the two companies were talking for months about this issue before Opera proceeded with its app store launch, and GetJar proceeded to remove Opera Mini from its storefront.

Odland says that while GetJar has been and continues to be an “important” source of new customers for Opera, “If you compare it to the early days, we are doing more downloads from other sources than what GetJar provides to us.”

The companies are in discussions for what might need to happen to get Opera reinstated to the store. Options could include stripping out the app store link although Odland would not elaborate further at the moment.

Opera App Store on iOS. Odland also talked a little about how it would offer its app store on iOS-based devices, one platform currently omitted in its Mobile Store. He said that Opera will be leveraging an agreement between Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) and Appia, the white-label provider working with Oper.

“We will be mirroring Appia’s agreement with Apple,” which will let iOS users get apps from Opera’s store but use Apple’s billing system to pay for them. This service, he says, is “not too far away” from going live.

Ironically, when Opera first previewed its Opera Mini browser for the Apple App Store last year, a lot of people wondered whether it would face problems in getting it approved, since it would in theory compete against Apple’s own Safari browser. That didn’t turn out to be the case. Opera had the app approved relatively quickly, as it turned out, without needing to modify any of the main features, although there were small technical things to fix along the way:

“We always thought Opera Mini would make the iPhone more interesting for users,” he said. “It offers something unique in terms of compressing pages, allowing users to search faster and chepaer [than on Safari].”