VMware Buys WaveMaker, Extends Developer Reach

VMware (s vmw) has expanded its cloud computing reach once again, this time by acquiring WaveMaker, a startup focused on letting users build Java (s orcl) cloud applications without having to write code. Think about it like this: Whereas Spring betters developers’ lives by simplifying the process of writing Java applications, WaveMaker (which is based on Spring) improves business users’ live by eliminating any writing in the first place. Once they create an application using the WaveMaker visual-development tool, the application is deployed to the user’s cloud of choice. As I wrote in a recent report (sub req’d) about VMware’s cloud strategy, it has high hopes for SpringSource to change the application-development space and ultimately match its infrastructure business in size, and WaveMaker is just the latest step toward this end.

As SpringSource division boss Rod Johnson writes about the acquisition in his blog, WaveMaker is also of interest to VMware because applications developed with it actually are Spring applications. That means VMware can tightly align WaveMaker and Spring developments to make WaveMaker an even more fulfilling experience, and after simple applications are built using WaveMaker, an organization’s Spring developers can go in and code away to make it work even better. When it comes to developing Java applications, VMware now has something for almost everybody, and it all works together at some level.

Johnson’s blog has many more details about the purchase and VMware’s plans for WaveMaker, as does WaveMaker CEO Christopher Keene’s blog.

Image courtesy of John O’Kane.

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