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Zcope: Collaboration and Project Management Combined

Zcope may have a slightly silly name (apparently it’s pronounced “Scope”), but it’s a collaboration and project management tool with plenty of potential and some useful features.

Like competing project management web apps in this space, such as Basecamp and producteev, Zcope provides the ability to manage tasks and offers an online space to share documents with your team. It’s nicely designed, but what makes Zcope stand out is that it has more complex and useful project management features than is found in many competing apps. Rather than just being able to assign tasks and due dates, for example, you can assign costs to users and track time using the app, so you can see whether your projects are proceeding to budget.

You set up Zcope so that it’s accessed via a specific subdomain, so you can set up to share with anyone you need to access your project management platform. Adding other users to the app is straightforward so you can share project data with all the stakeholders who might be interested. Usefully, it has privacy controls: confidential tasks and milestones can be set as “for internal use only,” which means they won’t be seen by customers or others.

One interesting feature is the ability to create project blog posts. It’s not a particularly fancy CMS, but blog posts can be linked to tasks and/or milestones, which could make for a useful collaboration tool to help keep everyone informed of progress on specific tasks and issues.

Zcope does have a few quirks. It’s a German app that’s been translated into English; some of the copy on the site reads a little strangely, and it uses commas instead of periods for the decimal mark. That quirkiness, coupled with the fact it has some  more complex project management features, could be somewhat off-putting and make the app a little tricky to figure out. However, despite this, I found it pretty easy to use (it also has a useful FAQ and documentation page). If you’re looking for a solid collaboration tool with features like costs and budget management, it’s worth checking out. Various plans are available depending on the number of users and amount of storage space required; a 30-day free trial is available.

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4 Responses to “Zcope: Collaboration and Project Management Combined”

  1. It’s weird that they have their pricing in Euros. If they want to acquire customers here they should have their pricing in USD, or else no one will buy their software.

    • It doesn’t have either of those. It’s primarily a project management tool, not an enterprise social tool. If you’re looking for a project management tool, I’d prefer Zcope over Teambox.