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iPad 2 Does Javascript 4X Faster Than The Original

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The iPad 2 arrives Friday, and it’s gonna be a fast one: CNET UK did some Javascript benchmarking with the iPad 2 (s aapl) running iOS 4.3, and found that the new hardware’s improved internals as well as the new iOS version do provide a considerable kick. The site has since pulled the review, but here’s the gist:

CNET ran the iPad 2 through the SunSpider benchmarking tool, which measures Javascript performance. It found that the iPad 2 had the best overall scores of devices it tested, with a score of 2097. The original iPad running iOS 4.2 scored 8321, and lower scores are better when testing with SunSpider. The iPhone 4 on iOS 4.2 scored 10414, and the Nexus S and Galaxy Tab had scores of 6128 and 7066 respectively.

In addition to the iPad 2’s dual-core A5 processor, a lot of the increase in performance can be attributed to changes made to the iPad’s operating system in iOS 4.3. CNET also ran the SunSpider test on an original iPad and iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3’s latest beta, and those numbers showed huge improvements. The original iPad on iOS 4.3 scored 3261, and the iPhone 4 scored 4151. That’s great news for users who aren’t planning to upgrade, since you should experience much snappier browsing even with just a software update.

Android (s goog) fans shouldn’t feel too badly about the poor performance of the Galaxy Tab and Nexus S, since SunSpider tests performed using the upcoming Galaxy Tab 10.1 found that it scored 2256, which is nearly on par with the iPad 2.

Bottom line, Apple mobile device users are about to get yet another improvement to the overall iOS experience, with or without the hefty price tag of buying new hardware.

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7 Responses to “iPad 2 Does Javascript 4X Faster Than The Original”

  1. hillarious comment #5!!!

    Even if the JS benchmark isnt worth for any real world benchmark tests, I scored a 1868ms with my samsung n120!

    If I pay another 60$ for a touchscreen display, I would have the fastest tablet in the world …

  2. Herren

    ‘scuse me buddy, maybe you didn’t get the message. but I got word from Steve Jobs himself that we are now in the Post-PC Era, which means specs & benchmarks no longer matter***. time for me too step away & make magical computing happen on my iPad with my brand new premium fart app.

    ***unless it’s specs we are proud of like our new dualcore CPU. but other specs we are not proud of & want to keep hidden like our lousy new camera’s are officially apart of the Post-PC Era

    P.S. – almost forgot, anybody have a PC I can borrow too sync my magical Post-PC Era iPad too?

  3. Rembaae

    I’ve never been a huge fan of synthetic benchmarks even back in the PC days, but I find all of these JS benchmarks used for desktop/mobile browsers to be the most uninteresting & useless benchmarks ever.

    at least the PC benchmarks also showed real world performance difference when using machines, JS benchmarks people wont even notice, worthless.

  4. @W8ingonanipad

    Hey anyone that will be waiting in line for an ipad2 that has a twiter, follow @w8ingonanipad and see pics and stories from all over of how it’s going everywhere else where other people are waiting. Just for kicks and giggles.