Chart: Where to Sell Your Used iPad


According to Mashable’s Christina Warren, people are selling their original iPads in droves to finance an upgrade to iPad 2. So if you’re hoping to do the same, you may be wondering which outlet will give you the best return on your original investment. Here’s a handy chart that looks at a number of your current options, and what you can expect to get paid using each. Click on the chart below to see a larger version.

These aren’t the only options out there, but they do give a general feel for what you can expect to pay. The resale value of other models compared to their original prices does vary a little bit, but generally speaking, the basic 16 GB model is a good barometer of the overall market.

For my part, if I don’t just keep my original iPad (s aapl) as a backup device, I think I might just sell it to a friend or family member for a little bit less than I’d get using any of the above methods. That way I can spread some Apple love while also recruiting yet another person to use collaborative apps or play multiplayer games with. If you’re upgrading, what are your plans for your first-generation device?

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Nancy Jones

I can’t see more than $150 in value for a used device like that. Granted, that means I probably won’t buy one, but there’s a lot of value in the power to walk away.


I tried to sell my iPad on eBay, but after two listings being ruined by scammers — and then wasting several days cancelling the auctions, etc. — I’ve given up. I’m going to trade it in to PowerMax toward a new iPad.


I just sold my 6 month old 16 gig wifi/3G ipad to my girlfriend’s brother for $300.00.
It is in pristine condition. I’ll put the money in the bank and save a little more and get the 32 gig wifi/3G ipad 2.
Now I have to start saving up for the psp2.

SellYourCell Guy

If you want to sell, I’d sell quickly. Apple’s recent $100 reduction on the old iPad has caused prices to drop and we might see some big promotions on the first generation iPad. buys iPad (at good prices) but we haven’t seen a huge bump in the volume of iPads coming into our shop yet. Given the incremental upgrade from iPad one to two, we are wondering if a huge number of people will trade-up. I guess we will see soon.


Does that eBay price include ALL the fees, shipping etc? If not the Gazelle is certainly the better option. I’d be more than willing to give up $15 to save the hassle of selling on eBay.

SellYourCell Guy

The recent reduction in price by Apple of the first generation iPad’s has caused the resale prices to drop so sell you iPad soon if you can. Our company,, also buys iPad’s but we have not seen a tremendous volume come in yet. I don’t know if it is too soon or if people don’t see a big enough reason to upgrade. Only time will tell.


I think these prices should/would drop further. Apple sells the cheapest version new ipad 1 at 400 and the refurbished ones (basically the newly purchased ones Apple took back with the restocking fee) at 350. why should I pay those amounts in the table for an ipad which has been used for God knows how long.


Thanks for this valuable info! By selling locally, you can use Craigslist & cut out all that middle-person fee & shipping problem AND you can get cash on the spot. I’m going to use my new iPad for same as old one – sketchbook & reader but as a filmmaker, I’m hoping to do some editing as well as capture on it.


I simply posted on my blog that I was considering selling my 9 month old iPad to partially offset the cost of buying the new model, and within an hour I was contacted by a reader who wanted to buy it. The market for used iPads seems to be very healthy…good for Apple, and good for its customers.

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