Chart: Where to Sell Your Used iPad


According to Mashable’s Christina Warren, people are selling their original iPads in droves to finance an upgrade to iPad 2. So if you’re hoping to do the same, you may be wondering which outlet will give you the best return on your original investment. Here’s a handy chart that looks at a number of your current options, and what you can expect to get paid using each. Click on the chart below to see a larger version.

These aren’t the only options out there, but they do give a general feel for what you can expect to pay. The resale value of other models compared to their original prices does vary a little bit, but generally speaking, the basic 16 GB model is a good barometer of the overall market.

For my part, if I don’t just keep my original iPad as a backup device, I think I might just sell it to a friend or family member for a little bit less than I’d get using any of the above methods. That way I can spread some Apple love while also recruiting yet another person to use collaborative apps or play multiplayer games with. If you’re upgrading, what are your plans for your first-generation device?

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