You’ll Get Your iPhone Personal Hotspot March 11, AT&T Users


AT&T (s t) customers don’t have to worry about being left out of the Personal Hotspot party when iOS 4.3 arrives. AT&T confirmed with Electronista that it would be offering Personal Hotspot beginning Mar. 11, which is when iOS 4.3 is set to go live for the general public.

Existing users who have the $25/month DataPro plan — which allows for 2 GB of usage — plus the $20/month tethering add-on will be able to use the Personal Hotspot feature automatically after updating their iPhone 4 devices to iOS 4.3 on Mar. 11. Other customers wanting access to the feature should be able to sign up for the plan for the same price, with Electronista saying it doesn’t look like there will be any new additional charges specifically for Hotspot users.

Verizon’s iPhone (s vz) shipped with the ability to use Personal Hotspot, thanks to a special version of iOS 4.2 that comes pre-installed on the device. Personal Hotspot will only be available to iPhone 4 owners, as no older devices support the feature, and the choice to use offer it will ultimately remain up to carriers. It’s nice to see AT&T stepping up, although it really has little choice if it wants to stay competitive with Verizon.

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Darrin Searancke

Just for the record, Jailbroken iPhones allowed this option many months ago – utalizing MyWi 4.0 – which I regularly used to access the internet on my (now old) iPad … on any network! #Jalibreak #Cydia


Am I the Crazy or someone enlighten me: How do they justify charging you extra $20 to use a feature of your phone (that you own) to use the data bandwith you already have paid for?


Version also only offers the ‘limited data plan’ so good job both services

Cyndy Aleo

Eric, I think what Jennifer means is that those of us who were grandfathered on previous unlimited data plans would have to switch from the unlimited plan to the limited plan PLUS pay more money.


And they still try to sucker you into the limited data plan, with additional tethering costs. Nice try, AT&T.


Rogers in Canada will no doubt want to charge us for this. Already paying higher data rates then any other country, it is also part of your agreement with them that you will never do this with your phone.

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