@ pC2011: Clayman Provides A Status Update On ‘The Daily’

Despite Spencer Reiss‘ best efforts, The Daily publisher Greg Clayman would not say how many people had downloaded News Corp.’s publication for the iPad, only saying at our paidContent 2011 conference that downloads are in the “hundreds of thousands.”

“We’re doing great, thanks. We had a great launch.” And, he said, people have signed up to pay for The Daily, which, he said, will begin to charge users later this month.

As for what people are reading, Clayman was no more specific, saying “news” was popular. Reiss asked Clayman if the publication would be coming to Android, and Clayman said “we want to be where consumers are right now,” noting that Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) had sold 15 million iPads. A web version isn’t on the way either. “The experience is built for the tablet. It looks so good on that. That’s our target versus replicating that on a PC basis.”