Our Poll: Most Of You Do Want The Apple iPad 2

iPad 2 launch demo

When Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) unveiled its iPad 2 on Wednesday, we took an informal poll to see how interested you all are in buying the device. And it looks like most of the 400 paidContent and mocoNews readers who voted plan on ordering the new iPad as soon as they can (53 percent, or 212 votes) after it goes on sale March 11. See the full results embedded below:

Coming in at second, with 25 percent or 99 of the votes, was the exact opposite sentiment: Meh. I’ll wait for the iPad 3. Ten percent, or 40 of you, plan to wait in line and nine percent — 37 readers — are sticking to their first-generation iPads. Meanwhile, three percent — 12 of you — lamented (at least facetiously) that you do want the new iPad but you need to sell your Kindle first, or rather, that you want it but don’t have the cash right now.

Two other things worth noting:

— Last night the results were tilted more in favor of waiting for the iPad 3; they shifted overnight to buying the iPad ASAP.

— We didn’t include an option that said, “No iPad for me, thanks.” (We figured if you don’t want an iPad you probably wouldn’t have cared to vote.) But you can continue your comments below.

Twtpoll, which we used to run the poll, limits the response size to 400. You can see the full results, with comments from readers, here.

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