ProjectTurf Packs in Features


ProjectTurf is a web-based collaboration tools that has pretty much every feature that I can think of when it comes to running a project, from project briefs to time cards.

You’ll find all the standard project management features in this tool: you can hold discussions and conversations internally, pull in your contacts (including team members from other organizations) and manage tasks and subtasks. But there are also some fancier bells and whistles included in ProjectTurf’s package.

Production Oriented

Some of the features within ProjectTurf make it clear that the app is geared towards producing end results. For design projects, it’s easy to upload designs and manage the approval process. For development projects, you can manage support tickets and track bugs. For written projects, you can collaborate on content through a whiteboard tool. You can even keep track of file versions with an internal versioning system. No matter what you’re producing, the features support getting it done.

User Oriented

ProjectTurf makes a point of offering an interface conducive to working. With just a glance, you can tell how hard the company behind the tool worked on designing the interface. The feature set supports the goal of making it a particularly versatile tool. On top of being able to generate reports and get metrics on just how productive your team is, ProjectTurf offers you the ability to format tasks and other information for printing. Considering that there are still so many people in the average organization that prefer to work off of a piece of paper, rather than trying to keep up with an online tool, this feature alone may endear ProjectTurf to many organizations. For users who are more interested in relying on email, ProjectTurf has also integrated email-based tools for discussions and other features.

Using ProjectTurf

The mechanics of using ProjectTurf are relatively simple. There’s a monthly subscription to use the site, based on the number of projects you’re running, but you can bring in an unlimited number of users. The plans start at $9.99 a month for one project and go up to $199.99 a month for unlimited projects. There’s a 14-day free trial available.

My only concern with ProjectTurf is if that  it may have too many features — will I be able to sort through all the bells and whistles to actually get a project done? For larger organizations, having access to such a wide variety of tools is going to be incredibly useful. For smaller organization, however, it may actually be distracting to have so many features and settings to consider.

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