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Open Thread: Will FaceTime Make You Upgrade?

FaceTime is coming to the iPad: That’s one of the key takeaways from today’s introduction of the iPad 2, which features two cameras as well as the native video chat app on board. iPad 2 users will be able to use FaceTime to chat with iPhone 4 and Mac users, and the device will offer an option to seamlessly switch between its front- and rear-facing cameras.

Apple demonstrated some other uses for the iPad’s new camera today as well — there’s going to be a new iMovie app, which can be used to edit and publish 720p HD recordings made with the rear-facing camera, and the front-facing camera was demoed in conjunction with a Photo Booth iPad app. But let’s be honest: FaceTime has the potential to be iPad’s new killer app.

Or does it? One of the big draw-backs of the iPad 2 is that the front-facing camera is VGA only, which seems antiquated now that Macbook Pros ship with HD cameras built in. The other argument against FaceTime on the iPad is that many Apple loyalists already have at least two FaceTime devices at their disposal. And if you already have a phone with video chat capabilities, do you really need another device to do exactly the same thing?

So we thought we would ask you, our readers: Will FaceTime make you upgrade, ditch your old iPad and buy the new version? Will it even convince some of the holdouts to jump on the iPad bandwagon? Or maybe you couldn’t care less? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Responses to “Open Thread: Will FaceTime Make You Upgrade?”

  1. Bobby Mo

    iChat/webcam on the iPhone and MacBook (which I rarely use). I don’t need FaceTime on my tablet.
    Retina display+SD Card slot+FaceTime maybe…. I don’t see how much more a tablet can improve. Still happy with my 64GB iPad WiFi

  2. I also have the old iPad, and I think that the camera would be much more suitable on and iPhone as the iPad is still quite heavy to hold and take photos or shoot movies with. I guess the FaceTime features are only good video conferencing in business, where the iPhone is too small and informal

  3. Elizabeth

    I have the older version of the iPad. Its really nice but I would love to have a camera in it. I have noticed a small spot where their might be a camera and I have even heard that they initially were going to have one but decided not to. I would not “ditch” my old for a noes one because that is a total waste of money. But I would love it if apple could find a way to get FaceTime on all the old devices