paidContent 2011, March 3, NYC: Cracking The Area Code: The Local View


Credit: Corbis / Eric Cahan

Call it hyperlocal or neighborhood, measure it by area code, zip code or community; local is one of the hottest spaces. Everyone wants a piece but is anyone besides Groupon actually making money? Are the incumbents who flinched at Craigslist finally finding ways to benefit from the upstarts? Are the newcomers making the pie larger or eating the incumbents’ lunch? And does TBD’s quick death prove anything? Find out the answers to these questions and more at paidContent 2011; The Next Decade in Digital on March 3 at TheTimesCenter in New York.

Brian Stelter, Media Reporter, The New York Times will lead the discussion with Jon Brod, President, AOL (NYSE: AOL) Ventures, Local & Mapping, Search; Lisa Frazier, President & CEO, The Bay Citizen; John Paton, CEO, Journal Register; (OTCBB: JRCO) and Carll Tucker, Founder & CEO, Main Street Connect.

Some of our other speakers include: Arianna Huffington, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, The Huffington Post and Tim Armstrong, Chairman & CEO, AOL; Lauren Zalaznick, Chairman, Entertainment & Digital Networks/Integrated Media, NBC Universal (NSDQ: CMCSA), kicking off the day; Nick Denton, Founder, Gawker Media; Dan Rose, VP, Partnerships & Platform Marketing, Facebook; Greg Clayman, Publisher, The Daily — and our lunchtime Q&A speakers, Joel Hyatt, Executive Vice Chairman & Co-Founder, Current Media and Keith Olbermann, Chief News Officer, Executive Producer and Host, Current TV. You can check the event site to see the full agenda and speaker list.

Tickets are selling fast so don’t wait too much longer; register today.

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i’m wondering if it’s not time to update the paidcontent software. as far as i can tell jrco doesn’t trade any longer due to its “reorganization”.

btw- if you find a new ticker symbol, would you please provide it?


Why do you assume that Groupon’s making money? Because they said they’re making money? The company’s co-founder was criticized by Barron’s for talking up value at InnerWorkings, his last big score.

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