Demand Media Partners With Rachael Ray On Food

Demand Media (NYSE: DMD), which launched Livestrong with Lance Armstrong and is on the verge of launching TypeF with Tyra Banks, has added another celebrity to its list of partners. The company is working with celebrity chef Rachael Ray to create “co-branded content” on eHow.

Demand Media says Ray will be “the lead creative force” of eHow’s food channel, which currently is heavy on basic recipes. More specifically, the company says Ray will “identify and develop up-and-coming culinary talent that will create and be featured in high-quality, original programming produced by Demand Media.”

In an interview last week, we asked Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt how many celebrity-brand centric channels Demand Media hoped to ultimately have; Rosenblatt said the company would tie up with celebrities whenever it had data showing that such a partnership would make sense. “It could be as many as dozens or just few,” he said.