Yahoo’s Acquisition Tab In 2010: $159 Million


Credit: Getty Images / Chris Hondros

Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) spent $159 million to purchase four companies last year, according to its just-filed 10-K. The company does not say how that total was allocated, but it had said in a previous SEC filing that it had spent $114 million to purchase three companies during the first nine months of the year. Its only buy set to close during the fourth quarter was its acquisition of ad startup Dapper, which suggests it spent $45 million to buy that company — an amount which is in line with some previous reports about the deal.

Yahoo’s other purchases in 2010 included its $90 million-plus acquisition of Associated Content, as well as smaller deals to buy Citizen Sports and Indonesian social network Koprol.

The $159 million figure is less than what Yahoo has spent in recent years even though executives had seemed to suggest that it was planning on being more acquisitive. (Granted, the company reportedly tried to buy Foursquare and Groupon but was rebuffed). It spent $194 million buying companies in 2009 and $240 million in 2008.

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