Another Patent Counterattack Launched Against TiVo-This Time By Motorola

TiVo (NSDQ: TIVO) has been fighting over its patents on DVR technology since 2004, but the campaign to get paid for those patents is getting tougher this year. Motorola (NYSE: MMI) sued TiVo on Friday, making a total of three operating companies that are pushing back against TiVo with patent lawsuits of their own, along with Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT), which sued TiVo in January, and EchoStar. TiVo filed a lawsuit back in 2009 saying that Verizon’s DVR products-built by Motorola-infringe TiVo patents. Even though Motorola wasn’t named in that suit, Verizon ultimately demanded that Motorola step up and defend Verizon’s case, which led to Motorola filing this suit (which is embedded below).

In this lawsuit, Motorola claims that not only are TiVo’s patents invalid-but that it’s actually Motorola that owns the original patents on DVR products, which are being infringed by TiVo. The lawsuit claims a company called Imedia invented the DVR, filing patents more than two years before TiVo was even founded. Through a series of acquisitions, Imedia later became part of General Instrument, a Motorola subsidiary. Some of the details about the Imedia invention are included in the complaint.

TiVo is still awaiting a key decision from the nation’s top patent court on an appeal that was argued in November. That case that will decide whether or not TiVo finally gets the injunction it has long desired that could shut down a few million EchoStar (NSDQ: SATS) DVRs that were found to infringe TiVo patents back in 2006.

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Motorola v. TiVo Feb. 28, 2011