Google’s Search Changes May Have Benefited Demand’s eHow


Credit: Flickr / Hill Street Studios

The growing consensus in the wake of Google’s move last week to change its search algorithm to penalize sites with low-quality content: Demand Media (NYSE: DMD) made out okay, although some other so-called “content farms” were not so lucky.

SEO firm Sistrix analyzed a dataset of one million keywords and determined that Demand Media’s flagship property,, actually gained some visibility in Google’s search results after the changes were put into place. SEOClarity, which independently analyzed 60,000 keywords, reached the same conclusion.

Two smaller Demand Media properties, Q&A site and outdoors site, however, did lose significant play in Google’s results. Other notable losers, according to the Sistrix analysis, included Associated Content, which Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) purchased for roughly $90 million in May, and the recently sold

Demand Media itself said last week that it had not seen a “material net impact” from Google’s move, and Wall Street agreed. After sending Demand Media’s shares down nearly 5 percent on Friday, they actually ended the day up.

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