Angry Birds Take the Cake


I went to an Austin cake show today, and amid several superhero cakes, wedding confections and some impressive feats of fondant I stumbled upon an ode to Angry Birds. I don’t know who entered the cake, as the entry forms don’t offer personal details, but if I were judging this competition, it would get my vote.

For those who want more Angry Birds, check out Om’s video interview with the guys who designed the game.

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Kimberly Chapman

Tried to post this earlier but it doesn’t seem to have worked, sorry if it pops up as a repeat…

The Angry Birds cake is by Laura Finlay. It won first place for Adult Beginner – Novelty Tiered. You can see more pics of it and the other winners in a slideshow here:

We’re very glad you came and enjoyed the show. Let me know if you’d like to be added to the PR list to get press releases sent to you for next year’s show. Thanks!


That is so awesome! I just finished Hogs and Kisses (Angry Birds Seasons) not too long ago and am patiently waiting for next season. :D


Oooh! The Austin Cake Show was on my list for today. Amazing cake. I’ve been on a kick looking at angry birds cakes and cupcakes. My husband is obsessed and it’d be a fun birthday surprise!

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