Set Up Remote Colleagues With the Apps They Need Using Ninite

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One of the challenges of working with a remote team is making sure that everyone has the various tools they’ll need. One solution for Windows users is bulk installing tool Ninite, which makes setting up your remote colleagues with the standard tools they need a snap.

Just choose the tools you need from the selection screen and hit “Get Installer.” So, for example, you could check the boxes for Chrome, Skype, Google Talk, AVG and MalwareBytes. Ninite generates the installer at a special URL (in this case: that you can send to your colleague; they can point their browser at that URL to download and install all of the apps in one package.

Ninite has a selection of many of the most commonly used apps, including browsers, IM clients, media players, office apps, Flash, PDF readers, security tools, utilities and even some of WWD’s favorite tools, like Dropbox, Evernote and KeePass. The installer installs the most up-to-date version of the apps; running the installer again will update the apps to the latest version.There’s also a Ninite for Linux, albeit with a reduced selection of apps. It’s free to use.

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