Convore: Fast, No-fuss Group Chats


There are times when you simply don’t need a complex communication and collaboration tool. Sometimes, you just need to be able to chat with people about a given topic. Convore can fill that need. It allows you to join existing public topics and conversations, as well as establish private rooms.

In some ways, Convore reminds me of IRC: you can join a conversation about a given topic, and you can connect with some incredible folks through those conversations. It’s also simple to set up a private chat.

A Reliance on Social Networking
To a certain extent, Convore relies on social networking sites to function. You can sign in through either Twitter or Facebook. You’ll immediately be able to see your friends’ conversations — and you can associate both your Twitter and your Facebook accounts to your Convore account.

When I get into an individual conversation on Convore, I get the feeling that I’m looking at a more organized version of Twitter. You can ask questions, and get responses. You can also post longer messages on Convore, and embed images directly in the message. Many users use Twitter conventions, such as addressing individuals with an “@,” within Convore.

Convore’s greatest strength is that you can start a real-time conversation with specific people in a matter of moments. If you need to take a conversation out of the public eye — you want to move a discussion from Twitter, for example, and you’ve got more people involved than will make direct messages practical — Convore is an easy solution. It’s an instant messaging/group chat client without the desktop client. You may receive notifications in Convore. Any time someone mentions you, the web app makes a note of it.

Using Convore
For the time being, Convore is free to use. It’s currently only  available as a web-based application (no mobile or desktop app), but the developers point to the API for anyone interested in building their own.

It’s an easy tool to use, with a clean interface and quick set up. If you need to bring together a few people for a quick conversation, Convore offers an fast way to do it.

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