MacBook Pro Benchmarks Show Huge Performance Gains

Apple (s aapl) unveiled new MacBook Pros Thursday, and the notebooks came equipped with Intel’s (s intc) next-generation Sandy Bridge processors. Primate Labs gathered results from its Geekbench hardware performance measurement tool to come up with some solid numbers showing the difference between the new MacBooks and their predecessors.

Geekbench 2, the latest version of Primate’s testing software, only measures processor and memory performance, and doesn’t take into account video card performance. Results are drawn from the Geekbench user community, and higher scores are better. Partial results are shown below; click on the image to see the full results.

As you can see in the full results, the new MacBook Pros outperform the previous models by a wide margin, which is to be expected when jumping from a dual- to a quad-core configuration. Note that even the 13-inch MacBook Pro outperforms the previous 15- and 17-inch Pro powerhouses released in early 2010.

The new notebooks even outperform some current Mac Pros, according to Primate’s general Mac benchmarks: definitely an impressive display of raw muscle from a portable computer.

That said, the ultimate test of any computing device is whether or not it meets your actual usage needs. Accordingly, I’m still inclined to wait until the next MacBook update rolls around. Do these performance scores influence your decision one way or another?

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