Yahoo Is (Finally) Shutting Down MyBlogLog

More than a year after Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) first said it was considering closing down MyBlogLog, the company is finally doing so. In a letter to MyBlogLog users (via TechCrunch) Yahoo says the service will be discontinued on May 24.

The shut down is part of a continued streamlining of Yahoo’s properties. Under CEO Carol Bartz, Yahoo has already closed down a long list of its services, including GeoCities, Jumpcut and Farechase, and sold or outsourced others, including HotJobs and Yahoo Personals.

In December, a leaked slide indicated that Yahoo would also be shutting down AltaVista, Yahoo Buzz and MyBlogLog, among other properties, although, of those, Yahoo would only confirm that Buzz was on the chopping block.

The shut down once again does not speak well to the company’s track record with acquisitions. Yahoo purchased MyBlogLog, which let users connect with fellow visitors to specific blogs, for roughly $10 million three years ago. As we’ve outlined before, Yahoo has given up on at least six companies it bought, including Maven Networks, which it purchased in February 2008 for $160 million and Geocities, which it bought for $3.6 billion.