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Infographic: Mobile Browsers Compared Worldwide (Or What Nokia’s Giving Up)

All talk these days is about Google/Android and Apple/iOS, but here’s a nifty infographic that underscores just how fragmented the picture really is for which mobile phone browsers dominate.

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Created by the digital marketing agency iCrossing (part of Hearst Corp.), the map shows marketshares for the leading mobile phone browsers in selected countries. Some details that stand out:

— Microsoft’s Windows Phone does not have a big enough marketshare in any one market to make it into the charts. For that matter, neither does webOS.

— Nokia (NYSE: NOK) dominates by wide margins in developing markets, but in mature markets Nokia is either too small to make it into the rankings, or it is low on the list. It’s striking how consistent that is, and it makes one wonder if the company should be pursuing something more dual as a strategy, opting for Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) in those markets where it has nothing to lose, and staying with its familiar products where they are still going strong.

— Samsung and *Sony* Ericsson (NSDQ: ERIC) make rank in developing markets for their featurephone, proprietary OS’s. They have a potential shot to covert those to bigger shares if Nokia doesn’t keep up the pace in the process of transitioning to Windows Phone 7.

— RIM (NSDQ: RIMM) has been blown out of its home market by Apple (NSDQ: AAPL). In Canada, Apple has a 77 percent share, while BlackBerry is tied with Android at a modest eight percent.

— Apple is actually leading all the developed markets that are highlighted in this graphic, but it’s also appearing in the rankings in developing markets too — something that, if Apple does launch this so-called iPhone Nano, it could capitalise on.

6 Responses to “Infographic: Mobile Browsers Compared Worldwide (Or What Nokia’s Giving Up)”

  1. =================
    Simple reason why Stephen Elop is Trojan Horse Inside Nokia For Microsoft

    * a Trojan Horse who wants Nokia to lost his ability of independency ASAP.

    * When Nokia discard all it’s investment to get 20% market share(already a remarkable number) for WP7. That is extremely great for MS. But not for Nokia.

    * People never miss HTC if it is closed, because they just like Android. A Trojan Horse takes advantaged of this.

    * It’s not partnership for every partner keeps it independency for protecting self interest. NOKIA is conquered but with respect for the current position in mobile world and the weakness of WP7.


  2. Darren Wallace


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