Vid-Biz: Vimeo, NHL-YouTube, Amazon vs. Netflix


How Vimeo Became Hipster YouTube; after hours, College Humor staffers Jakob Lodwick and Zach Klein built the site and began experimenting with uploading and tagging short videos for their friends. (Fortune)

NHL Denies Talks To Stream Games Live On YouTube; the National Hockey League is denying a Bloomberg report from Seoul that it is in talks with YouTube to stream live games. (paidContent)

A Closer Look at Amazon Prime Instant Video; given that Clicker indexes all streaming online video from Netflix and Amazon, Clicker has built a comparison chart. (Clicker blog)

Visual Evidence That Movies Are Getting Worse; looked at the 20 most popular movies of each year for the past 20 years, and it has bad news for us. ( blog)

Hollywood Studios Kill ‘Family-Friendly’ DVD Service; according to the terms of the agreement, Family Edited DVDS has agreed to pay $274,000 to resolve the claim and a judge has permanently enjoined the company from further distribution of unauthorized edited versions of its films. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Why Video Is So Hard To Monetize; as an online video content producer, WatchMojo CEO Ashkan Karbasfrooshan said the industry is constrained by the fact that search engines don’t really index videos well. (paidContent)

Global Box Office Reaches Record High in 2010; the MPAA reported that global box office receipts for all films released around the world reached an all-time high of $31.8 billion, an increase of 8 percent over 2009. (press release)

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