Infographic: The Selling Power of the iPad


A new report from online publishing company Yudu Media presents a very convincing case that when it comes to marketing and audience, few devices (tablets or otherwise) can compare with the iPad (s aapl). The report collects the findings of a number of different surveys and research outlets, painting a picture of a device tailor-made to sell content, products and services. Here’s a picture of some of the more noteworthy findings within Yudu’s report (click for a larger version):

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…So 9% of ipad owners have NEVER downloaded an app? I don’t get it….


Some are people who just got their iPad and haven’t finished exploring the built-in apps yet.

Lucian Armasu

I don’t trust that infographic at all. All the numbers seem unrealistic. And Apple didn’t make 5 billion from apps last year. Perhaps that is the total amount the apps made and Apple took 30% of that, but even that sounds too much. I don’t remember Apple saying they paid developers close to $5 billion. I think it was more like less than $2 billion.


I thought the number was $1.7 billion in revenue last year. But maybe that was just Apple’s 30%? $1.7 billion out of $5.2 billion is suspiciously close to 30%. Or maybe $1.7 billion was just last quarter.

Yurtdışı Eğitim

Steve Job’s genious team of people, combined western discipline and the light of zen buddhism, and created beautiful devices such as Ipod, Iphone and Ipad. These are all technologic shifts in the age of communication. All of these devices use Itunes, and the Apple store platform, which is another great invention both for users and the company. What Apple has achieved after nearly going to bankruptcy in 90s must set an example to other companies.


I have to ask all the Wintard fanbois out there? How the hell could Microsoft have missed all this after ten freaking years of trying to push Windows tablets to consumers?

Believe it or not, there are still Windows fanbois claiming that when some new Windows tablet is introduced that everyone will be abandoning their iPads to fight over some tablet that runs some bloated desktop Windows OS. What has changed over all these years? Windows is still Windows.

The Windows pundits said that the iPad is useless and wouldn’t appeal to consumers and business would hate it. Yet the iPad is being widely accepted by both parties. Are these Windows pundits stupid or what? Even now, Microsoft is spreading FUD telling corporations to stay away from the iPad because it doesn’t quite fit into the Windows lifestyle. Microsoft is crazy greedy. I hope Apple sells 40 million iPads this year and takes that many Windows OEM licenses from Microsoft for being so greedy.


This is the funny thing about apple fan boys, you have to brag about windows even when someone is talking all good about apple. even when no one even mentioned windows… wake up ;)


I love my windows convertable tablet. Has come in handy and still performs better than the ipad in some situations since it has a digitizer. Microsoft just seemed hung up on the idea that a tablet should run a full fledged OS. At the time it was obvious that MS did not have the software to run a barebones OS readily available.

Apple decided to run its iOS on an tablet, thus creating a great tablet OS that many people doubted would work (including myself). Loving my windows tablet, I picked up the ipad on day one. It was alright at first, but as the app market grew and diversified it has really helped the iPad meet nearly all of my educational and business needs.

So there you go laughing boy, thats how MS and nearly every other company missed it.

As for the article, who are those 10% that are not aware of an iPad?

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