SendGenie: Effortless Drag-and-Drop File Sending

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One of the problems faced by many virtual teams is the need to send files to colleagues and stakeholders. SendGenie is a service that’s currently in beta for Windows and Mac that makes sending large files a snap. It puts a widget to your desktop (a magician’s top hat) that you can drag and drop files onto, which adds them to your sending queue. You can also add items to your queue from your clipboard. When you’re ready, you can select the recipient(s) from a window to send your files to.

The files are uploaded to the SendGenie service,  and recipients then get an email containing instructions on how to download the files. They can either download a copy of SendGenie themselves to download all the files in one go, or they can click a links to download the files from the SendGenie website.

SendGenie is similar to Ricoh’s free quanp send service, which also provides simple drag ‘n’ drop file sending (I reviewed qunap send here). In some ways, SendGenie is the better app: it’s slightly nicer to use, supports contact groups and doesn’t rely on Adobe AIR on the desktop. However, SendGenie is still in beta, and the site doesn’t currently have details on storage or file transfer limits, a privacy policy or details of whether charges will be introduced at any stage. For business use, I’d stick with quanp send for now.

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