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Dodd To Head MPAA (But Don’t Call Him A Lobbyist)

Other publications are starting to pick up The New York Times’ weekend report that former Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd is set to become the next head of the Motion Picture Association of America. Dodd will be taking the position at a time when copyright enforcement is on the mind of many policymakers, and at least some senators seem ready to pass some version of the controversial COICA bill, which would allow the government to take over internet domains accused of intellectual property violations. That’s a debate the MPAA will no doubt be intimately involved in. Dodd’s a logical choice, but his decision to take the position looks pretty bad.

That’s because it seems to stand in sharp contrast to his explicit promise several months ago to not become a lobbyist after leaving office. As Mike Masnick of Techdirt points out, this particular career move makes the ban on Senators moving straight into lobbying jobs look like a bit of a joke. (They’re supposed to take at least two years.) But to collect the $1.2 million salary that reportedly comes with this job, Dodd might find a way to style himself an “advisor.”

Dodd has been seen as a front-runner for this position for a few weeks now. The LA Times noted that his qualifications even include a little time on the silver screen–Dodd played himself in the 1993 movie, “Dave.”